May 16, 2022

Spread the word! May is National Foster Care Month

Many folks want to support children & families who are connected to the Texas foster care system, but they may not be in a position to open their homes to a child or young adult in foster care. You might ask: Is it still possible to get involved and help?  And the answer is, Absolutely! 

Here are 3 ways you can help!

Spread the Word!

Whether it is on the bulletin board of your local community center or on the wall of your social media accounts, posting information about foster care agencies, upcoming info sessions and children in foster care helps educate the public and the more people know about foster care, the more likely they are to find ways to help! Information is power, so harness that power and post away!

Host an Information Session!  

If you are part of a community group or club, plan an informational session!  You never know who may have been considering opening their doors to foster care and was just waiting for the right opportunity! Foster Community can have an information table at your event or gathering or can host a mini-information session on foster care and adoption almost anywhere!


Even if you're not ready to foster or adopt - you can still play a role.  Mentoring with Partnerships for Children is a great place to start! Our Youth Empowerment and Success (YES) Mentoring program matches young adults with people like you who can be a positive influence and a supportive presence in their life.

As a YES Mentor, you’ll assist a young adult aging out of the Texas Foster Care system by teaching them how to set and achieve personal and financial goals to help them navigate life beyond foster care.

Learn more about how you can support a teen in foster care!

“All kids need is a little help, a little hope, and somebody who believes in them.”

– Magic Johnson

Music Mentorship

Do you know how to play the guitar, keyboard, drums, or violin? Have you ever thought about sharing the gift of music by mentoring with a melody?

Kids In a New Groove provides free music lessons to kids in Central Texas with the help of committed KING mentors. If you ready to take the next step and make a lasting impact on a child’s life by teaching one-on-one music lessons, sign-up to learn more about KING mentoring today!

No matter where you might be in your life, everyone can do something to shine a light on the many ways to get involved in supporting children & young adults in our community.  By spreading the word and creating awareness you are helping make tomorrow better than today for children & families in Central Texas.