YES Mentoring

YES Classes, which take place every spring and fall semester have been an integral part of the YES mentoring program. In YES classes the youth learn valuable financial and life skills such as budgeting, goal setting, job readiness, credit cards and how not to use them, how to file taxes etc. Many former YES youth have said that they only know how to "adult" because of these classes!

With COVID19 the YES team has had to cancel the classes, however we have transformed our Mission Possible Activities, which used to supplement the classes, to know be fun engaging activities the mentors and mentees can do together that will teach them all the lessons once learned in class. Not only will they gain knowledge but it also helps build the mentors and mentee's relationship!




Help us make the transition by donating materials for our Mission Possible Kits that we will distribute to our mentors. Provide incentives (gift cards) to encourage the youth and let them know they are doing a great job!



Amazon Wish List

With just a few clicks you can easily provide donated items without ever leaving your home. Click below to view our Mission Possible Supply List. Items are delivered directly and then assembled into kits. It's that easy!


GIFT CARDS - gift cards are used as incentives for our youth to complete mission possibles. Each incentive is designed to help further the mentor/mentee relationship.

  • Door Dash - support a picnic in a park after some hard work learning budgeting
  • Starbucks - support a coffee date after apply for some jobs
  • Amazon - support mentees exploring needs vs. wants and how spend their money appropriately

TABLETS - since our kids are not in class some of them do not have good access to an electronic device to communicate with their mentor, by buying a tablet we will ensure all our mentees have a way to connect with their mentors on a weekly basis.


We will make sure your donation goes to whatever we are missing most to ensure that all mentees receive a Mission Possible kit. If all kits are already provided for your donation goes directly to supporting our youth through these uncertain times that might look like rent assistance, food assistance, communication assistance etc.

  • $25 - Gift Card - provides incentive for youth to do Mission Possibles, they can earn a coffee date with their mentor or a picnic in the park. They could also earn a Amazon gift card to pick out one need or one want, everything is designed to build their relationship with their mentor.
  • $50 - Amazon Fire Tablet - to help close digital divide and give the gift of communication to our youth so they can remain in better contact with their mentor. 
  • $75 - 2 Boredom Buster Kits - help keep our youth engaged during this period of isolation while inspiring their creativity. Our boredom buster kits are filled with art supplies, self esteem crafts, journals, word searches, crosswords, sudoku, and mad libs!
  • $100 - 2 Mission Possible Kits - provides all the supplies needed to complete the first 8 mission possibles for 2 mentor/mentee pairs. These teach valuable life skills such as goal setting, budgeting, job readiness and more.